Blöd aus der Wäsche schauen mit dem VR Fahrrad

Wer VR mäßig den heißesten Scheiß braucht, muss unbedingt dieses wunderbare Fahrrad für alle VR System kaufen (PS VR, Rift…). VirZOOM heißt das coole Ding us kostet knappe 400 USD.

The solution to locomotion in VR has arrived. All of the VirZOOM experiences are powered by you. Integrated wireless sensors track all of your movements and sensors measure your pedaling speed – the faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you go in the virtual world. Steer by leaning your body to the left and right. Action buttons, triggers and d-pad on the handlebars create advanced game-play. Enjoy VirZOOM exercise games included with your VZ controller. Say goodbye to your boring workout. VirZOOM Exercise Games: The AAA VirZOOM game development team has created games with 5 avatar worlds and countless mini-games. Enjoy motivating and evolving challenges that come included with your VZ bike controller. Lasso bandits, fly a Pegasus, shoot tanks, race cars and hover in a helicopter – all under your own power. VirZOOM supports major VR headsets with position tracking. Lean any direction to move your way through the virtual world.


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