Die theoretische Stundenzahl, die man benötigt, um Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag durchzuspielen

In einem Interview mit der OPM gab Leadgamedesigner Jean-Sebastien Decant an, dass man im Schnitt für das Hauptspiel von Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag in etwa 20 Stunden benötigt. Möchte man alle weiteren Nebenmissionen durchspielen, fallen weitere 60 Stunden an. Im Prinzip ein sehr guter Schnitt!

“I wouldn’t be able to give you any numbers, but what I can tell you is we have three big cities, compared to the other games, there’s three huge cities and then fifteen unique locations – like continents – throughout the world, and then lots of [islands where] you can find buildings, stuff like that. The size of the map is like fifteen, twenty minutes, if you were just to sail without stopping, so that’s huge.

“We really tried to increase the feeling of adventure. At the same time it has to be easy to use so we added a number of teleports, in fact every [objective] you do becomes a teleport. So as you soon as you win somewhere, you can send people there.”


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